Enlightened Entrepreneur

Appreciate the now

I have after years with constant targets and assignments had the possibility to think about or, rather, to reflect over my life and see what I can take with me from previous experience and use to create the life I want for myself and become the person I want to be.

I have this enthusiasm towards life and our presence here at earth. My enthusiasm is high and I enjoy being here. I know that a busy life often means that we don’t stop and feel how we are, how we are feeling. This makes it difficult for us to feel what it is we really want. Maybe even more importantly this busy life means that we don’t stop and take the time to appreciate the wonderful things and people around us. We are so busy chasing the next big thing, setting new goals, do new things, get more friends, etc. that we forget ourselves. And just as important; we forget to enjoy the moment for what it is.

To enjoy the moment and be present in the now – it demands quite a lot to be that focused. Stop, feel, be grateful that the things around you are there; this tree, this flower, this animal, this beautiful child, this person, or whatever it is you have in your life. Everything has its unique story and is created from something bigger than we can even imagine.

I remember when I was a young boy, and the best thing I knew was to lie on my back in the sun and watch the clouds. I would imagine all sorts of pictures with the clouds. It was amazing. We could be more playing the same game, we used our imagination and we were a 100 % present in the now just enjoying the existence of the clouds.

I had forgotten about this game. Sometimes I have zoned out and let my thoughts take me to goals and plans, but I wasn’t completely devoted to being present, my thoughts would be somewhere else. Yesterday; however, I took 20 minutes on my back focusing on the clouds and how they move, how they are shapes and how they are. Oh my! I was pretty much at the same place as when I was a kid. It was amazing. It is a game, and it is meditation at the same time – it was to appreciate life and that we are here in the universe all at once.

I could also have gone to the grocer and gotten a sixpack, which I could have brought home to the evening’s cosy time. I did that afterwards and I enjoyed it, there must be room for that.

That was deep.

Warm wishes,