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Article about creating a GREAT team

I wrote the article, following a presentation I had the honor to do – with the Chairmens from Danish Round Table on there meeting.

The article is about – How you create an awesome Team – A Team, that attracts many more great people. And a Team that creates amazing results.

The headlines from the article, and this is the SHORT, SHORT version:
(And it’s fast written, so thank you for your patience, if the spelling is not 100 % correct).

Some of the powerful things that will help you and your Team are.

* An energetic Team, a winning team, lot’s of great results/achievements and celebrations – Are a Team, that attracts more of the same people – And a positive circle is created.

* Meaningful – It needs to be meaningful to be part of that Team. What do I get from this?

* Fight Carelessness – Carelessness is one of the most destructive reasons in a Team.

* VISION – Make sure there is a vision and some clear goals – Where is the Team going.

* Energy – Put lot of energy in the Team – Every Team member has an obligation to put energy into the Team and do his part of the Team work.

* Diversity – Is a great thing in a Team – As long as everyone is there with the same VISION

* Rules – Make sure that there is a set of rules, that everyone in the Team agreed on and that these rules are followed. Then everyone knows what to expect and follow.

* Action – Don’t just talk. Make sure the things you agreed on, also is what is done. And one more time, make sure everyone in the Team is participating.

If you want to create the GREATEST Team, and achieve even bigger results – Feel free to contact me.

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