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Excercise: how to live in the now

To live now

There are several ways to increase your attention to living in the now and living each moment with the greatest possible joy. I will post more on this later as well.

One exercise I’ve used for years and do daily is breathing. Simply just breathing. A wise gentleman one told me: “The only time you can breathe is now” – and that is so right. It means that you, by focusing your attention on your breathing, focus your attention on the now. It means that you are living now and your thoughts are present now.

But how do you breathe in the now?

Your body will breathe for you automatically. Breathing is pretty critical for living, so your system know this, your brain will tell your body to do this, whether you are consciously thinking about it or not. But do you think about it? Because when you focus your attention on breathing you will experience a heightened sense of awareness of the present. You chose the intensity and the length. If you focus on your breathing and follow it, you will experience calmness doing so.

For example:

  1. Focus your thoughts on breathing.
  2. Start following your breathing, feel yourself breathing
  3. Follow the air as it goes in your nostrils. Follow it the whole way down into your stomach and feel the air inside you.
  4. For a second; hold your breath and be aware of this.
  5. Follow the air as it leaves you, feel how you breathe it out.
  6. Continue this in your next breath. Let your thoughts follow the air and be a 100 % aware of what is going on in this breath. Forget everything else, leave everything else while you concentrate on breathing.

Enjoy the sensation of being a 100 % present; be thankful that your body makes sure that you breathe every second every day of your life. This crucial thing is happening inside of you. You breathe in new vital life and new possibilities and you breathe out all the old and used.

You can do this exercise easily. Just do it once or spend more time being aware of your breath. You can do it in the buss, on your bike, at work, no matter where you are. It’s a gift from you to you and you don’t need anything but yourself.