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Top Food to Loose Weight

I have just read an article about which foods are great to eat when you want to lose weight. Is is based on scientific facts. Here are the winners:

1. Oats – Tremendous power to make you feel full fibers

2. Eggs – People eating an egg every morning in addition to or instead of toast or like lose twice as much as people who eats breakfast dominated by carbs

3. Skim milk – The combination of calcium, vitamin D + low fat protein will trigger weight loss

4. Apples – Eat an apple an hour before each meal. The fibers will make you feel full and besides that apples are full of vitamins

5. Red and lean meat – People who eat more lean meat and less carbs are in general losing more weight

6. Cinnamon – Helps body metabolize sugar 1/4-2 spoons a day has been found to reduce blood sugar levels and cut cholesterol 10-25 % – Sprinkle it in shakes, smoothies, on breakfast etc.

Is this useful info?

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