Michael Pluszek

Michael was born outside of Copenhagen in 1972 and has built a career focusing on growing and maximizing service companies.

For 8 years he worked for McDonald’s in Denmark, training at the Hamburger University in Michigan, USA, while rocketing to a position as the Restaurant Manager, managing several McDonald’s restaurants around Zealand.
Then, in 1999, Michael met Kenneth Luciani and together they set out to teach the Danes to drink coffee – the Italian way. Michael was the Operations Manager during the launch of Baresso Coffee and has been a pivotal part of establishing the enterprise and the success of the enterprise up until 2012, when Michael had a great chance to decide what to do for the next period of his life.

He then spend 3 years creating a Cleaning Business from zero to plus 60 people and is not working in his company anymore.
– As he is helping business owners to grow their businesses and themselves.


Michael´s Vision is to help as many entrepreneurs, to financial and personal freedom, as possible.