Enlightened Entrepreneur

You are what you read

When you’re an ENTREPRENEUR, there are a lot of DECISIONS you have to make – Big and small, every day.

But there’s also a lot of info out there – An overwhelming amount.

So I’ve helped you out a bit and picked some of my favorite, recent articles, that covers some of the things, that I’ve previously had to deal with or that I’m currently studying for my own business.

As an entrepreneur work isn’t work, but PASSION and often FUN – but working for yourself and leading a Team can also be stressful. Being the leader can also be a heavy burden, people take their cue from you – so it’s important to send out the right signals and see challenges from the right PERSPECTIVE. To do that, it can be helpful to have reminders and tools, in your daily work life.

For example, what’s important for a good office environment for your Team? Without a well-functioning Team, your company hasn’t got a chance of success, so your office space does matter, but it’s not for the reasons you might think – A good office has nothing to do with expensive designer lamps!

When you’re LEADING a company, you have to change with the times – If you’re not GROWING, you’re DYING. But change isn’t always easy to implement with a Team, some people aren’t good with change, even if they’re good employees. So how do you communicate change to your company?

Speaking of change, the way we view intelligence and workforce is changing with Artificial Intelligence – especially Service Industries. But what ethical challenges does AI lead to and how do consumers view AI?

I hope these things will help you, in your business, but for more specific and concrete advice – get a coach! Even coaches, have coaches!